What is Datemakers?

We are on a mission to make everyone’s dating lives easier by providing a place where you can discover and book Bristol’s best date ideas and experiences.

We are a one-stop shop for things to do for two.

It could be that you have been happily coupled up for years, in which case you may enjoy the odd ‘date night’ a couple of times a month and where ‘Netflix and chill’ means precisely that. But you want the excitement back, like that good old honeymoon period, but struggle to think of dating ideas outside of the box.

Or, you may be #teambumble You are an independent single man or woman who is yet to find that other person to love, annoy, nag and eat food with. Hungover Sundays are spent swiping from left to right, only for you to match with someone who ‘isn’t from the area’ or who can’t spell. When you do finally muster up the courage to go on a date, it's normally ‘for a few drinks', and this is where you decide if you like the other person, whether they actually look like their profile picture, or if you need to use up that emergency call from your mate and bail.

What if we told you that dating in Bristol is about to become a whole lot more fun?! Yes, FUN. Well, this is where we come in.

Whether you are single, married, on the verge of being serious or trying to avoid the friend-zone, we bring you exciting, innovative and (sometimes) hilarious dating opportunities all at the click of a button.

Just choose your experience, when you would like to go, enter your payment details and BOOM, you could be on the fast-track to true love.

We want people to take a leap of faith into the unknown because you only live once right?! Plus, you might even get brownie points for choosing to do something completely different.

We have over 50 date ideas and experiences (and counting), with date experiences ranging from gin tasting, chocolate making, letting you fly over your own house in a helicopter, a tour of an alpaca farm and lots, lots more.

So, go on better dates without the time and effort it usually takes to organise them and support local businesses in the process - what better reason to book your first date!

Go, go, go...

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