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How it works

How it works/FAQs

For Daters

Simply discover, book, date.

Discover - search the website to uncover some of the coolest date ideas Bristol has to offer. Pick a date and proceed to book. Top tip: All the dates are priced 'per date', this is the inclusive price for the pair of you! So the price you see is the price you pay for the WHOLE date and not per person!

Book - book your date experience in just a few clicks. Enter your preferred date (day of the week!) and time; then enter your payment details. You will then get confirmation from your DateMaker. It's as easy as that! 

If you have to rearrange the time and date or your host is fully booked you won't be charged.

Date - sit back knowing all the hard work's done and get ready for your date!


How do I signup? 
It’s so easy! Click on the sign up button and connect to your Facebook account or enter another email address and password… then start going on better dates!

How do I search for a date experience?

Click on ‘explore dates’ or ‘explore double dates’. Change the filter in the top left to make sure you’re searching for dates within your price limit - remember that the prices shown are for 2 people!

Can I ask anyone questions before I commit to booking? 
Yes you can click on the ‘contact’ button to contact the host directly. Or you can click on the ‘contact us’ button that floats around on the bottom right of the page. This will connect you directly to one of the DateMakers team, where we are always happy to answer any questions!

Do you check the quality of the dates? 
Well of course. We have a team of highly dedicated ‘date testers’ who go on all of the dates to make sure they are as amazing as we want them to be!

This date looks amazing, how do I book?

Click on the ‘Book Date’ button. You’ll then be asked to message the host explaining when you want to go. Check the availability guidelines on the host’s experience page and pick a time within their availability.

After this, click the ‘Proceed to Payment’ button where your payment will be authorised. Don’t worry the host still needs to accept the time you requested so you won’t be charged until the date has actually been accepted by the host, and confirmed.

Will the host ever cancel on us? 
We advise them not to (!), but sometimes illness or bad weather can lead to hosts having to cancel. If they do then you’ll be refunded in full, and we’ll try our best to make it up to you…

Can I cancel my date? 
You want to cancel your date!? We never advise cancelling on your dates, but if you reaaaally have to then it is possible with good reason. You can cancel no later than 48 hours before the proposed start of the date to receive a full refund. Unless of course it explicitly says otherwise on the experience page.

Are my bank details safe? 
Yes, of course- we use PayPal for all of our payments which is the safest way to pay online. The hosts should never ask for any bank details, all of the payments are done automatically. 

For hosts (DateMakers)

If you think you could offer a really cool date experience and would like to reach loads of Bristol couples, you can post a listing by clicking the 'Host a date experience' button on the page or by contacting [email protected]

You really should!

No date idea is too outrageous, you can teach people how to milk a cow, tightrope walk, make a scotch egg or you can sell dual tickets to your comedy or open mic nights - anything goes as long as it is a 'date' experience.


Who can become a DateMaker?

Absolutely anyone! We want people with small businesses who could offer any interesting activity; restaurants and bars who could provide foodie and boozy dates and couples deals; event nights who want to sell dual tickets and talented individuals with a unique skill or hobby to share who want to make some extra income.

All you need to do is sign up and list your ‘Date’ and you’re pretty much ready to go.

How do I sign up?

Click on the ‘Sign Up’ button on our site and follow the instructions. You can sign up through your Facebook account which takes less than 5 seconds or you can enter a different email address if you don’t want your DateMakers account linked to Facebook!

I have more than one date experience to offer, can I list more than one date?

It’s possible to list more than one date experience, yes. You can host as many as you like as long as they are all date worthy!

You can also host a double date for groups of 4, these our found in our double date section.

How do I add a new date experience?

It’s straightforward, simply click on the ‘Host a Date Experience’ button in the top right hand corner and fill in all the relevant information. Don’t worry, you can always edit your date information further down the line. Make sure to upload relevant photos to make your date really stand out; if you would like some photographs taken then let us know (we’re here to help!).

This will take less than five minutes. Don’t believe us? Here’s a video of us posting a listing in just one minute:

 Am I able to set my own price?

In short, yes. However if your pricing doesn’t add up to the general market price for what you’re offering then you’re unlikely to generate many bookings. The beauty of becoming a DateMaker is that you control your own prices and availability, so this means making the right decisions!

 What happens if the Daters don’t show up?

The daters can cancel their booking up until 48 hours before the time of the date experience unless it explicitly says otherwise on the date experience page.

 Can I cancel a date?

We obviously try to avoid cancelling dates, but If for whatever reason you have to cancel a date then contact us on [email protected] and let the Daters know as soon as possible. If the date can’t be rescheduled then they will be refunded in full.

 Is there a limit to the number of daters I can have on one particular date?

Ideally we’d like to keep the dates to a maximum of 2 persons per date. Although we do have some small group experiences too, if you have any queries just contact us on [email protected]

 How long does it take for my date to appear on

It only takes a few minutes! Once it’s uploaded one of the DateMakers team will be in contact to make sure everything is ready to go. In order to start receiving bookings you’ll need to have your PayPal account linked to the DateMakers account.

How will I communicate with the Daters who are interested in my date?

You can chat directly to your customers! They will ‘request’ a time on your selected availability, and you can message them straight back, all done through the messaging system on the site!

How do I get paid?

All payments will be organised through PayPal. If you don’t have a PayPal account then you need to set one up and connect it to the DateMakers site… it again, does not take long!

 How much does it cost to be a DateMaker?

Being signed up and being a member of our community is totally free. We charge 10% commission on each date sold. That’s the beauty of being a DateMaker - there are no hidden costs. We only get paid if you get paid!