Gin and Cheese Club

Love gin? Love Cheese? Love each other? Good!

Here at Cox & Baloney we are passionate about many things, but especially Gin & Cheese.

You'll get a selection of our favourite gins, giving you a brief history and teaching you about the different types of gin alongside one of our delicious cheese platters.

Did you know for example that our Granny's infused tea gin mix goes amazingly well with a nice stilton? Or that juniper botanicals are a match made in heaven for a creamy goats cheese?

The date includes:

• Three tasters of your favourite gins - select from our ever-growing range

• A cheese platter to share: A selection of cheeses sourced locally and different each month, all served with Homemade Chutney, crunchy pickles, Severn Project Salad, seasonal fruits, fresh bread, and crackers.

• A brief history and some key points about each gin from our gin experts!

*Don't forget to review your date for a chance to win your next date free!

Availability Guidelines: Every Friday 5pm onwards
Date Duration: 1 1/2 Hours