Tea inspired teapot cocktails

If you love tea and you love cocktails, then our teapot cocktails are what you need on your next date!

Choose two cocktails from our selection and sit back and enjoy the sophistication of serving your booze from teapots!

Here are a couple of tea-inspired cocktail examples to get you excited…

Drunken Granny’s Garden

Sparkling prosecco topped with berry, apple, beetroot and hibiscus-infused sugar syrup.

Lady Amy of Braganza

Vodka, peach and white apricot tea, lemon juice and topped with ginger ale.

Lord Earl’s Spoilt Nephew Gin and Tonic

Gin, earl grey syrup, elderflower, cucumber and a pinch of salt with tonic.

And if these cocktails aren’t enough you can choose from a vast array of cakes and cheese and a few more drinks from our crazy and ever-growing gin collection.

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