Terms of Service

Last updated: June 18, 2018

Datemakers Ltd. (“Datemakers” "we", “us” or “our”) owns and operates the website, www.datemakers.co.uk, and any sites we have now or in the future that reference these Terms of Use (collectively, the "Site"). By using the Site and Datemakers’ services through the Site, you agree and accept these

Terms of Use

The term "using" and "user" when used throughout these Terms of Use shall also include any person or entity that, amongst others, registers into the Site, purchases Date Experiences (as defined below) through the Site, opens a user account on the Site, forms or offers an Activity (as defined below) and/or uses the Site in any other capacity.


The Site is an on-line platform offering date experiences for e-commerce, the formation and offer of leisure activities and services (any activity or service offered on the Site shall be referred to as an "Date Experience" and any offeror of such a Date Experience, whether a person or other entity, shall be referred to as an "Date Host"), Date Experience reservation and the purchase of entry tickets for Activities (any ticket purchased on the Site for an Activity shall be referred to as a "Ticket"). For sake of clarity, Datemakers serves merely as a platform for the Date Hosts to display their Date Experiences and should not be construed to be a creator or provider of such Experiences.


Any Ticket purchased from the Site grants the purchasing user of such Ticket a one-time right to participate in the specific Date Experience posted on the Site and represented by such Ticket, such Date Experience to be provided by Date Host who posted the Date Experience on the Site. Date hots must use their best prices, they must not undercut prices shown on Datemakers on their own personal websites. The Date Host may request to see Ticket purchaser's identification before allowing him to take part in Date Experience. The Ticket shall grant its purchaser a limited contractual right Date Experience; subject to Date Host’s contractual obligations to Datemakers, but in no event, shall the Ticket grant any contractual rights to the purchasing user of such Ticket against Datemakers. For sake of clarity, the Date Host alone is the provider of the relevant Date Experiences, and such Date Host alone, subject to the "Disclaimer of Warranties" and "Limitation of Liability" Sections of these Terms of Use, shall be responsible for providing the Date Experience to which a Ticket was purchased.


An approved Ticket purchase shall constitute a purchase of the right to participate in the Date Experience represented by the purchased Ticket.

To the extent a certain Date Experience does not meet such Date Experience’s quality, quantity and/or compatibility to the description of such Date Experience in the Site as provided by the Date Host, as shall be determined by Datemakers, in its sole discretion, including based on information provided to Datemakers by users, then Datemakers shall be entitled to determine, in its sole discretion, that the Date Host is not entitled to any payment in connection with all or some of the Ticket(s) sold in connection with such Date Experience. The Date Host shall refund Datemakers such amount within 14 days of Datemakers’ notice to him in the matter.

Cancellation Policy

Date Host retains the right to cancel a Date Experience offered by it on the Site at its sole discretion (including, without limitation, due to bad weather, Date Host’s illness). A user may cancel the purchase of a Ticket up until 48 hours before the time of the Date Experience (unless explicitly stated otherwise on the date experience page). Following a cancellation, subject to these Terms of Use, user of a cancelled Ticket shall receive the amount paid by it for the ticket within 14 days of Datemakers receiving a cancellation notice.

Date Host Fees

Datemakers charges Date Hosts a fee of 10% of the proceeds from any purchased Ticket to a Date Experience of such Date Host. The Date Host is solely responsible for the payment of any tax related to payment received from Datemakers and shall indemnify Datemakers for any payment or charge made by Datemakers in connection with such taxes.


No guarantees of the functioning of the Datemakers sites are given. The users are themselves responsible for their actions in the service and they should estimate the reliability of other users before dealing with them. The service provider can under no circumstances be liable for damage that is caused to the user. The user may not store any information or data in the service, and expect it to remain there.

In no event shall Datemakers be liable for any indirect, incidental, special, consequential or punitive damages arising out of or related to: (a) your use of the site, the content, user content and other information contained in the site; (b) your inability to use the site; (c) modification or removal of content submitted on the site; (d) the date experience offers on the site and the actual date experiences.

The date host and ticket purchaser are solely liable to each other in connection with any transaction between them and both waive all claims or prosecutions against Datemakers relating to the actual date, amongst others, any failure of date host to act in accordance with the terms of the date experience offer or ticket.


We reserve the right at all times to discontinue or modify these Terms of Service. If we make changes that affect your use of the Site or our services, we will post notice of the change on the Terms of Use page. You may close your account and you should not use the Site or any services offered through the Site after the effective date of the changes in the event you do not agree to the changes. You agree that posting notice of any changes on the Terms of Use page is adequate notice to advise you of these changes, and that your continued use of the Site or our services will constitute acceptance of these changes and the Terms of Use as modified.

The removal of a user

The service provider has the right to remove any users from the Datemakers site and terminate their right of use of the service without any specific reason and without being liable for compensation.